Aurifil 80 wt Thread Club



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Aurifil 80 wt thread club – anticipated start date is  May 2017, although it is possible to join at any time after this.

This is a 12-month program and will deliver to you 72 spools (275 m each) of Aurifil's Cotton Mako' Ne 80 wt thread in a balance of colors and includes a mix of light, medium and dark values across each color family - PLUS a storage container in which to store the thread. There are currently only 88 colors made in the 80wt thread, and this club will provide you 72 of these, with a color balance across every shade and tone offered. Note that this is a different selection of threads to those pictured above and a different storage container. Some thread colors will overlap with the above.

The 80wt thread is a super fine thread and is a dream to use for applique or hand piecing. Further details and reviews can be found if you go to the Aurifil website (

Monthly Pricing:

Month 1: $74.50 - $44.50 paid at the time of purchase on the website, which includes the storage container. (plus postage if requested) The balance of $30 to be paid once the Monthly Club enrollment form has been returned providing details for the remaining 12 months.

Month 2 - 12: $49.50 per month (plus postage if requested)

**Postage Costs**

- Pick Up in Store - Free

- With Postage M1: $9 per month & M2-12: $5 (This cost is via Australia Post in a non-traceable envelope, please advise That Crafty Shop at the time of enrollment if you would like a traceable option at an additional cost $7.50 per month)

That Crafty Shop Month Club Policy:

By purchasing the Aurifil 50wt Thread Club I understand that I have notified That Crafty Shop that I wish to enroll in the Aurifil 80wt Thread Club. I understand that this Monthly Club runs for 12 Months starting May 2018 and over the course of the 12-months, I will receive products as listed below.

M1: ($74.50)

1 x Storage Container for all the Aurifil Threads I receive

6 x Aurifil 50wt Threads

(Plus Postage if requested)

M2 - M12 ($49.50 per month)

6 x Aurifil 50wt Threads

(Plus Postage if requested)

By purchasing the Aurifil 80wt Thread Club I understand that I have only partially paid for the first month and I will be sent a Monthly Club Enrollment Form to provide contact and payment details for the remaining 12 months.

The first month's threads will not be posted until the Monthly Club Enrollment Form is returned to That Crafty Shop.

An email address and Moblie Phone Number must be provided for communication.